Surf Photography

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The ocean is one of, if not the most magnificent forces on planet Earth. Powerful enough to shape continents yet gentle enough to be enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. More than 70% of Earth's surface is ocean, yet we know more about the moon than we do our oceans. Home to life of all kinds, the ocean is truly something captivating.

GreenCastle Photos has a deep respect and understanding for the ocean, which gives way to some phenomenal photographs. Book us for a surf contest, or even for a personal photoshoot. Capture your love and passion for the ocean the way you see it in your heart.

Proud Surfline Pro Photographer - check out the Surfline Profile after recent swells to see if we've captured you!



Want some unique photos of you surfing? Hire GreenCastle Photography and we will capture your best moments. 

  • Split the cost amongst friends (max 4)

  • Digital files delivered via secure online viewing album

  • Photographed from in the water and/or from land (depending on conditions)

  • 2 hours per session

  • Additional time photographing $70.00/hour